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My Work

Most of my directly UX/UI design work comes from the University of Texas - Austin's UX/UI design bootcamp, October 2021 - April 2022. I owe a tremendous amount to the members of my cohort, who were invaluable in helping me learn.

preso s1 s15 - AR opener.png

imaginARi - case study

imaginARi is an Augmented Reality (AR) app to enhance user engagement and immersion with educational or entertainment tours. My case study focuses on users' ability to customize their experience, for every member of a tour.

House Rabbit Resource Network - site redesign

My team and I propose a redesign of a nonprofit website to effectively communicate critical rabbit ownership information.

HRRN mobile homepage short.jpeg
DOL header - worker's comp.jpg

Department of Labor - site redesign

My team and I proposed a site redesign for the DOL website, to improve navigation and information retrievability

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